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     Jerry "The King" Lawler is simultaneously one of the most loved and hated men in pro wrestling. He is loved in Memphis, TN, where he has been a hometown hero and devoted resident all his life. But he is despised in the WWF, where his arrogant, egotistical attitude got him into feuds with former WWF champ Bret Hart and federation head Vince McMahon.

The king in the early 80s!

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      Turned pro in 1970 and first won the Southern Title in 1974. He held the Southern title for 6 of the next 8 years. Feuded with Bill Dundee, Rocky Johnson, Paul Orndorff, and Tommy Rich. Has victories over Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Dory Funk, Jr., Terry Funk, Jack Brisco, and Harley Race. Missed all of 1980 when he was out of action with a broken leg, but made an incredible comeback in which he was undefeated  for 6 months.

      Is perhaps best known for his feud with comedian Andy Kaufman. Lawler felt he was belittling the sport by challenging females to wrestling matches. Lawler ended up in a match with Kaufman in Memphis in which he gave Kaufman two pile-drivers that sent him to the hospital for 3 days. He continued to wear the neck brace for months after. The most famous incident was on LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, when Lawler slapped Kaufman out of his chair. Kaufman then went into a frenzy, cursing at lawler and trying to throw coffee on him.

     Lawler also is no stranger to the air-waves. He has hosted his own radio show. He hosted his own TV show for years (The Jerry Lawler Show which aired every Sunday morning). He is also a successful commercial artist. He has his artwork displayed on commercial sites throughout the city of Memphis. 

     Lawler achieved his greatest title success on May 9, 1988, when he defeated Curt Henning for the AWA World title. He unified the world heavyweight title by beating World Class Champion Kerry Von Erich afterwards.

     His career took a stunning new turn in August of 1992 when Brett Hart announced that he would defend the WWF World Title against Jeff Jerrett. That opened the door for Lawler's entrance to the WWF. He appeared in the WWF Royal Rumble and enraged WWF fans with his rulebreaker attitude. Brett Hart won the King of the Ring. Lawler then declared that he was the only true King of wrestling. He attacked Hart after his match and piledrove him on a set of steps prior to Hart's coronation. He then feuded with Brett and Owen Hart at both USWA and WWF venues. That was just the beginning. Since that time, the King has made life miserable for many WWF superstars.  Currently Lawler is still announcing on Monday Night's WarZone on USA, and wrestling in Memphis' new wrestling organization called Memphis Championship Wrestling

Professional Bio:

Titles held  - AWA World Heavyweight 5/9/88-2/7/89 ; AWA World Tag Team 10/3/87-10/11/87, 10/19/87-10/26/87 Twice with Bill 'Superstar' Dundee;  Smoky Mountain Title Twice in 1993-94; NWA/AWA Southern Heavyweight Title 40 times between 1974 -1988; AWA International Title Twice 3/7/83-5/16/83 7/25/83-8/15/83;  AWA Southern Tag Team 11 Times overall between 1973-1987 Four times with Dundee, Twice with Jim White, Twice with Stan 'Plowboy' Frazier, Once each with Jos Leduc, Fred Ottman, and Austin Idol;  USWA Unified Title 25 times between 1988-1997;  USWA Tag Team Titles 5 times. Three times in 1992-93 with Jeff Jarrett. Twice in 1996 with Bill Dundee; USWA Heavyweight Title Twice. 1/10/96-1/13/96, 5/20/96-6/1/96;  World Class Heavyweight Title Twice. 10/23/88-11/4/88, 12/13/88 He was the last champion in the WCWA when it all unfolded. He beat Kerry Von Erich to unify AWA and World Class belts to form USWA Unified title;  CWA World Title 1978. (Click here to view a detailed history of the USWA Unified Title) (Click here to view the King's Complete Title History)

The present King

The King on Raw

Favorite/Finishing Moves - The Pile Driver

Favorite Wrestlers to Team with - Brian Christopher, Jackie Fargo, Jim White, Bill Dundee, Jeff Jerrett

Hottest Feuds were with - Brett Hart, Moondogs, Terry Funk, Bill Dundee, ECW

Most memorable matches were - Winning the AWA World title from Curt Henning, Beating Kerry Von Erich for the World Class Title

Managers - Sam Bass, Jimmy Hart, Mickey Poole, Jimmy Kent, Ronnie P. Gossett, Scott Bowden

Influences - Fabulous Jackie Fargo, The Blue Infernos

Career Highlight - Slapping Andy Kaufman out of his chair on the David Letterman Show (If you have never seen this, check out my tapes)


Personal Bio:

Height - 6'0"                              

Weight - 236lbs  

Hometown - Memphis, TN

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Likes - Myself, Computers, Cleveland Indians, Coca-Cola, Painting, Softball, TV/Movies, Winning Matches, Fans that bring signs that say "Lawler for President!"

Dislikes - Travel, WCW Marks, Stupid fans that chant "Burger King"

Favorite Books - Art related, Comic Books

Favorite Movies - Life with Mikey (Because I'm in it!) The Naked Gun I, II and 33 1/3

Favorite Musicians - Myself (Check out my CD), Kiss, The Beatles

Favorite TV shows - Warzone, Raw is War, Watching my old "Jerry Lawler Show" tapes

Favorite Foods - Fried Chicken, Steak

Personal Facts - Been interested in computers for a couple of years. But I'm new to the Internet and this is my first shot at a web page.


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